Plasmids described in the present study

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsOC (%)aMobilization efficiencybReference or source
pC221pC221 wild type (inc4, chloramphenicol resistance)430.46043
pC221mobA1pC221 with 75-bp deletion between the MwoI sites<50.038This study
pC221mobA4pC221 with extra 1 bp at the ScrFI site<50This study
pC221mobAB2pC221 with extra 4 bp at the EcoRI site190This study
pC221mobC1pC221 with extra 2 bp at the ClaI site<50This study
pC221cop903pC221cop903 high-copy-number mutant of pC22175NT51
pC221mobA2pC221cop903 with extra 5 bp at the SexAI site<5NTThis study
pC221mobB1pC221cop903 with extra 4 bp at the HindIII site52NTThis study
pC221mobC3pC221cop903 with extra 4 bp at the XbaI site74NTThis study
pC223pC223 wild type (inc10, chloramphenicol resistance)320.15041
pC223mobA3pC223 with 461-bp deletion between the BsgI and BbvI sites<50This study
pC223mobAB1pC223 with 4-bp deletion at the BanII site270This study
pC223mobC4pC223 with fortuitous 1-bp deletion at the ClaI site<50This study
pC223mobC5pC223 with a BclI site engineered adjacent to the ClaI site<50This study
pC223oriT1pC223 with replacement of the 374-bp BstEII-BstBI fragment from pC221<50This study
pC223oriT2pC223 with replacement of the 374-bp BstEII-BstBI fragment from pC221cop903-c-cThis study
pC221oriT3pC221 with replacement of the 360 bp BstEII-BstBI fragment from pC223<50.023This study
pC221oriT4pC221cop903 with replacement of the 360-bp BstEII-BstBI fragment from pC22314NTThis study
pGO1Self-transmissible, gentamicin resistance3
  • a Relative percentage of total plasmid DNA measured in the relaxed, open circular form (OC) after agarose gel electrophoresis of whole-cell lysates (results of three to six separate determinations).

  • b Ratio of chloramphenicol-resistant to gentamicin-resistant recipients after filter mating (result of at least three separate experiments; representative data are shown). NT, not tested.

  • c Plasmids pC223oriT1 and pC223oriT2 are identical.