Gene expression ratios for 30 most upregulated genes of P. aeruginosa PAO578II and corresponding genes of mucoid strain PAO1 under nitrosative stress with GSNO compared to controls

GeneGene expression ratio (with GSNO stress/control)a
PA3915 moaB125.422.9
PA4231 pchA19.08.4b
PA2850 ohr13.76.3b
PA3407 hasAp12.27.2b
PA4228 pchD12.17.2b
PA4230 pchB11.34.6b
PA4229 pchC10.75.7b
PA0437 codA10.01.4b
PA3877 narK19.3127.9
PA4484 gatB9.091.5b
PA3299 fadD18.872.1b
PA2629 purB7.671.6b
PA1580 gltA6.711.8b
PA4226 pchE6.684.7b
PA4225 pchF6.635.79
PA4266 fusA16.401.6b
PA5129 grx6.102.4b
PA5128 secB5.971.9b
PA4248 rplF5.691.9b
PA5054 hslU5.602.1b
PA4263 rplC5.592.0b
PA0963 aspS5.431.82
PA4260 rplB5.412.7b
PA4762 grpE5.382.1b
PA4246 rpsE5.261.3b
PA4385 groEL5.191.7b
PA4258 rplV5.172.18
PA0447 gcdH5.100.7b
  • a All results are significant at a P value of <0.05 except where otherwise indicated.

  • b Ratio indicates no significant difference in gene expression.