CovR mutants isolated from JRS331 following plating at pH 6.0

IsolateType of mutation in covRaPredicted consequence of mutation
JRS384R203S (missense)Reduced DNA bindingb
JRS388R203H (missense)Reduced DNA bindingb
JRS1800G222E (missense)Reduced DNA bindingb
JRS1804M1I (missense)No protein made
JRS398V18F (missense)Unknown
JRS1807V18F (missense)Unknown
JRS390E152 (nonsense)cEarly termination
JRS396K45 (nonsense)cEarly termination
JRS392Insertion of TATT at nucleotide 24Early termination
JRS1802Deletion of nucleotides 112 to 121Early termination
  • a The designations indicate the wild-type amino acid, its position relative to the start codon, and the amino acid resulting from the mutation.

  • b Based on PhoB homology (8).

  • c Termination codon.