Comparison of gene expression ratios for P. aeruginosa PAO1 and mucoid strain PAO578II under nitrosative stress with GSNO with mucoidy-induced gene expression ratios determined previously for PAO578II

GeneGene expression ratio (with GSNO stress/control)a
PAO1PAO578IIbMucoidy-induced PAO578IIc
PA0059 osmC2.11b0.7124
PA0523 norC18.40.7652
PA0524 norB18.40.8854
PA0525 norD19.60.8720
PA0762 algU0.85b0.3749
PA0763 mucA1.570.5821
PA1249 aprA0.31b0.509
PA1431 rsaL1.81b0.4023
PA2193 hcnA0.61b1.056
PA2664 fhp38.71.7261
PA3540 algD1.71b0.527
PA3724 lasB0.26b1.398
PA4876 osmE1.89b0.6849
  • a All results are significant at a P value of <0.05 except where otherwise indicated.

  • b Ratio(s) indicates no significant difference in gene expression.

  • c Data are from reference 7.