Gene expression ratios for 30 most upregulated genes of P. aeruginosa PAO1 and corresponding genes of mucoid strain PAO578II under nitrosative stress with GSNO compared to controls

GeneGene expression ratio (with GSNO stress/control)a
PA2664 fhp38.7 (194)1.72 (0.54)b
PA3877 narK127.99.31
PA3915 moaB122.925.4
PA0525 norD19.60.87b
PA0523 norC18.40.76b
PA0524 norB18.4 (22.6)0.88 (1.2)b
PA1671 stk16.970.96b
PA4225 pchF5.796.62
PA1778 cobA5.512.11b
PA0024 hemF4.321.80
PA4235 bfrA4.094.30
PA2532 tpx3.882.58
PA3394 nosF3.861.10b
PA0291 oprE3.563.59
PA3392 nosZ3.334.21
PA3746 ffh3.194.01
PA4260 rplB3.055.41
PA3549 algJ3.040.24
PA1077 flgB2.884.08
PA4687 hitA2.821.52
PA3989 holA2.774.87
PA1796 folD2.742.91
PA3396 nosL2.741.82
PA3391 nosR2.691.19b
PA4267 rpsG2.674.47
PA3393 nosD2.571.04b
PA5563 soj2.541.96
PA3246 rluA2.501.83
  • a All results are significant at a P value of <0.05 except where otherwise indicated. Confirmatory real-time PCR was performed with fhp and norB as detailed in the text. Values in parentheses represent gene expression ratios as determined by PCR.

  • b Ratio indicates no significant difference in gene expression.