Phenotypic characterization of mutants used in this study

Strain (relevant genotype)GrowthaRed pigmentationbSporulation (%)cOxidization of TMPDdAccumulation of organic acidseAnaerobic growthfctaA-lacZ expressiongAlkaline phosphatase induction (%)h
JH642 (wild type)+50+++100
MH5202 (ΔresDE)+/−+0.9+20
MH5857 (cmp ΔresDE)+47+100
MH5893 (ΩydiH ΔresDE)+33+NDi100
MH5891 (ΩydiH)+44++ND100
MH5882 (cydD::Tn10-1 ΔresDE cmp)+/−+0.3+ND20
MH5885 (ΔresDE Pspac-cydABCD with IPTG)+20+NDND
MH5885 (ΔresDE Pspac-cydABCD without IPTG)+/−+4+NDND
  • a Growth on TBAB medium without glucose.

  • b Pink colony on TBABG medium.

  • c Percentage of colonies forming heat-resistant spores.

  • d Ability to oxidize artificial electron donor TMPD.

  • e Accumulation of organic acids on purification agar medium plates.

  • f Anaerobic growth in medium containing nitrate.

  • g Expression of a ctaA-lacZ fusion under phosphate-limiting conditions.

  • h Percentage of wild-type level of alkaline phosphatase induction.

  • i ND, not determined.