Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicSource or reference
    E. coli
        DH5αLab stock
        JH642 pheA1 trpC2 J. A. Hoch
        1A601purB83::Tn917 Mlsr 33
        ΔtatCYtatCDΔtatCY::Spcr ΔtatCD::Knr 14
        MH1562phoB::Tn917 Mlsr 15
        MH5202pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::Tetr 31
        MH5857pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::Tetrcmp amyE::phoD-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5859pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::Tetrcmp amyE::phoD-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5863pheA1 trpC2 ydhQΩpMS7 ErmrThis study
        MH5867pheA1 trpC2 rrnE-23s::Tn10-2 SpcrydhQΩpMS7 ErmrThis study
        MH5874pheA1 trpC2 ΔtatCY::SpcrrrnE-23s::Tn10-2 KnrThis study
        MH5878pheA1 trpC2 amyE::pMS35cydA-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5879pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::Tetrcmp amyE::cydA-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5880pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::TetramyE::cydA-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5881pheA1 trpC2 ydhQΩpMS7 ErmrtatCY::SpcrThis study
        MH5882pheA1 trpC2 cydD::Tn10-1 Spcr ΔresDE::TetrcmpThis study
        MH5883pheA1 trpC2 rrnE-23s::Tn10-2 Spcr ΔresDE::TetrThis study
        MH5884pheA1 trpC2 JH642ΩpMS38This study
        MH5885pheA1 trpC2 MH5884 ΔresDE::TetrThis study
        MH5887pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::TetrcmpGuofu Sun
        MH5888pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::TetrcmpRuth Chestnut
        MH5889pheA1 trpC2 ΔtatCY::SpcrThis study
        MH5890pheA1 trpC2 rrnE-23s::Tn10-2 KnrThis study
        MH5891pheA1 trpC2 ydiHΩpMS45 SpcramyE::cydA-lacZ CmrThis study
        MH5893pheA1 trpC2 ΔresDE::TetrydiHΩpMS45 SpcramyE::cydA-lacZ CmrThis study
    pCR2.1Vector for cloning PCR productsInvitrogen
    pIC333Vector for Tn10 mutagenesis, Spcr Ermr 29
    pDH32Vector for construction of promoter-lacZ fusions; Ampr Cmr 28
    pAT110Vector for mutant generation; Ermr 32
    pDG1727Vector for mutant generation; Spcr 9
    pVK73Antibiotic switching vector from Spcr to Knr 3
    pET16bVector for protein overexpression and His-tagging AmprNovagen
    pMS4Internal fragment of ydhQ in pCR2.1This study
    pMS7Fragment of ydhQ in pAT110; Ermr AmprThis study
    pMS34Fragment of cydA promoter in pCR 2.1; AmprThis study
    pMS37Fragment of cydA in pCR2.1; AmprThis study
    pMS38Pspac-cydABCD in pDH88; Ampr CmrThis study
    pMS35cydA-lacZ fusion in pDH32; Ampr CmrThis study
    pMS40Internal fragment of ydiH in pCR2.1; AmprThis study
    pMS45Internal fragment of ydiH in pDG1727; Ampr SpcrThis study
    pMS41Coding sequence of ydiH in pCR2.1; AmprThis study
    pMS43Coding sequence of ydiH in pET16b; AmprThis study