Selected genes differentially expressed in exponential-phase versus stationary-phase cells

N315 ORFaCommon nameaFunctionaERb
N315-SA0144 cap5A Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.312
N315-SA0145 cap5B Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.306
N315-SA0146 cap5C Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.223
N315-SA0147 cap5D Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.244
N315-SA0148 cap5E Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.206
N315-SA0149 cap5F Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.204
N315-SA0150 cap5G Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.187
N315-SA0155 cap5L Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.277
N315-SA0156 cap5M Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.232
N315-SA0157 cap5N Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.267
N315-SA0158 cap5O Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.262
N315-SA0159 cap5P Capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.267
N315-SA0899 sspC Cysteine protease0.400
N315-SA0900 sspB Cysteine protease precursor0.393
N315-SA1007α-Hemolysin precursor0.327
N315-SA1842 agrB-c Accessory gene regulator B0.449
N315-SA1843 agrC-124c Accessory gene regulator C0.269
N315-SA1844 agrA Accessory gene regulator A0.289
N315-SA2336 clpC ATP-dependent Clp proteinase chain0.284
agrB-3 99.5% protein IDc to AgrB0.410
agrC-3 99.5% protein ID to AgrC0.364
agrC-3c 99.5% protein ID to AgrC0.431
agrD-3 100% protein ID to AgrD0.389
cap8H 100% protein ID to Cap8H capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.176
cap8I 100% protein ID Cap8I capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.227
cap8J 100% protein ID Cap8J capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.204
cap8K 100% protein ID to Cap8K capsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme0.226
86.7% protein ID to ClfA fibrinogen-binding protein A0.476
sspA 99.4% protein ID to glutamic acid-specific protease prepropeptide truncated alpha-toxin0.333
N315-SA0107 spa Immunoglobulin G-binding protein A precursor5.084
N315-SA2423 clfB Clumping factor B2.744
clfB 93.7% protein ID to ClfB (clumping factor B)3.479
cna 98.7% protein ID to MW2612 collagen adhesin precursor7.974
coa 99.8% protein ID to Coa coagulase3.675
fnb homolog87.8% protein ID to Fnb3.975
spa 5.007
  • a Based on the published sequence of S. aureus strain N315. For genes not present in N315, the gene name and description given are from the S. aureus strain COL genome, available from The Institute for Genomic Research website ( or by the putative function.

  • b Normalized values based on the expression ratio (ER), defined as the expression level in exponential-phase cells/expression level in stationary-phase cells.

  • c ID, identity.