lacZ::Tn allelic series

Allele no.OrientationaInsertion sitebN fragmentcActivityd
lacZ4106 AS495165
lacZ4107 AS726242
lacZ4108 AS787262
lacZ4109 AS1132377
lacZ4110 AS1204401
lacZ4111 AS1351450
lacZ4112 AS1475491
lacZ4113 AS1544514
lacZ4114 AS1710570
lacZ4115 AS1710570
lacZ4116 AS1714571
lacZ4117 AS1806602
lacZ4118 AS1825608
lacZ4119 AS2031677
lacZ4120 AS2037679
lacZ4121 AS2360786
lacZ4122 AS2530843
lacZ4123 AS2553851
lacZ4124 AS2663887
lacZ4125 S11638+
lacZ4126 S726242+
lacZ4127 S726242+
lacZ4128 S948316
lacZ4129 S1341447
lacZ4130 S1400466
lacZ4131 S2107702
lacZ4132 S2134711
lacZ4133 S2259753+/−
lacZ4134 S2358786
lacZ4135 S2378792++
lacZ4136 S2452817
lacZ4137 S2483827+
lacZ4138 S2516838
lacZ4139 S2628876
lacZ4140 S2683894
lacZ4141 S2683894
lacZ4142 S2707902
lacZ4143 S2707902
lacZ4144 S2706902
lacZ4145 S2744914
lacZ4146 S2851950
lacZ4147 S2929976
lacZ4148 S2942980
  • a Orientation of transposon relative to Kanr transcription. AS, antisense; S, sense.

  • b Last position in the gene from the translation start before the insertion.

  • c Last amino acid residue of predicted C terminally truncated protein.

  • d Relative enzymatic activity as judged on X-Gal-containing medium. Activity: −, none; +/−, very weak; +, weak; ++, intermediate; +++, wild type.