Distribution of the investigated E. coli Nissle 1917-specific sequences among nonpathogenic E. coli, ExPEC, and IPEC isolates

E. coli isolate (n) and/or sourceb% of E. coli strain Nissle 1917-specific sequences by PCR analysis in regiona (GEI):
1 (I)2 (I)3 (I)4 (I)5 (I)6 (II)7 (II)8 (II)9 (II)10 (II)11 (II)12 (II)13 (III)14 (IV)15 (IV)
O6:K5 UTI (34)
UTI Non-O6:K5 (88)55.721.628.471.669.354.56.830.714.829.
NBM or sepsis (28)
IPEC (17)
Nonpathogenic (157)27.42.510.243.924.
Total (324)41.717.623.558.043.556.57.147.820.
  • a The chromosomal localization of the amplified DNA regions is indicated in Fig. 4.

  • b NBM, newborn meningitis; UTI, urinary tract infection.