Changes in expression levels of S. meliloti flagellum genes resulting from the exoR95 and exoS96 mutations, as determined in microarray hybridizations

S. meliloti flagellum geneFunctionChange of gene expression in specific genetic backgrounda
exoR95 mutantexoS96 mutant
flaA (smc03037)bFlagellin subunit−4.3c−3.3
flaB (smc03038)Flagellin subunit−5.5−4.1
flaC (smc03040)Flagellin subunit−3.0−2.7
flaD (smc03039)Flagellin subunit−4.6−3.9
flaF (smc03050)Regulator−3.3−3.8
  • a The levels of the changes in gene expression were determined by comparing a particular gene in the mutant background versus expression in the wild-type background.

  • b The open reading frame smc03037 stands for the number 03037 open reading frame on the chromosome of S. meliloti.

  • c The value −4.3, for example, indicates that the expression level of the flaA gene was decreased 4.3-fold in the exoR95 mutant compared to that in the wild-type strain.