Agglutination of rabbit erythrocytes and H. armigera fourth- or fifth-instar larval hemocytes by X. nematophila cells and recombinant 17-kDa proteina

SampleAgglutination titerb
Buffer controlNANA
X. nematophila cells (107 cells/ml)6464
E. coli cells (107 cells/ml)ND<2
Wild-type 17-kDa protein with six-His tagNA32
Wild-type 17-kDa protein without tagNA32
Heat-inactivated 17-kDa protein with six-His tagNA<2
Triple mutant with six-His tagNA8
E. coli K-12 purified pilin proteinND<2
Preimmune serum (undiluted)NA<2
Wild-type 17-kDa protein + preimmune serumNA32
Wild-type 17-kDa protein + anti-17-kDa serumND<2
  • a The initial amount of protein was 100 μg.

  • b NA, no activity; ND, not determined.