Detection of unsaturated ends resulting from alginate lyase activitya

Alginate sourceGenotypeAlgL addedUnsaturated ends (OD548)
FRD1::pJLS3 algX + 0.03
Macrocystis pyrifera NA0
2-2Mutant algX0.53
  • a MAP culture supernatants of FRD1::pJLS3 and 2-2 were used as the source of alginate. The alginate concentrations for each sample were determined by uronic acid assays. Macrocystis pyrifera alginate was obtained from Sigma. The alginate of each sample (approximately 17 μg) was tested for unsaturated uronic acid products as evidence of endogenous alginate lyase activity by the thiobarbituric acid assay. Some samples were treated with AlgL (alginate lyase from Flavobacterium multivorum). The values for unsaturated ends represent relative amounts of unsaturated ends. The experiment was repeated several times. Data shown are one depiction of representative results obtained. NA, not applicable.