Amounts and relative sizes of uronic acid secreted by FRD1::pJLS3 and isolate 2-2c

StrainUA level (mg/ml) with:
10-kDa pore membranes1-kDa pore membranes
UAs in/out of dialysis bagaUAs after exhaustive dialysisbUAs in/out of dialysis bagUAs after exhaustive dialysis
  • a The MAP culture supernatants of FRD1::pJLS3 (parental mucoid) and 2-2 (algXΔ::Gm) were collected via centrifugation, and 7 ml was dialyzed against an equal volume of 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.6) overnight for equilibrium dialysis. Samples from inside and outside of the bag were taken and tested for uronic acid content by the carbazole assay.

  • b After equilibrium dialysis, each bag was subjected to exhaustive dialysis as described in Materials and Methods. A sample of the inside of the dialysis bag was taken and tested for uronic acids by the carbazole assay.

  • c Data are from one representative experiment repeated several times. UAs, uronic acids.