Bacterial strains and phages used in this work

Strain or phageRelevant descriptionaSource or reference
    K37N99NIH collection
    K9680K37(λimm933W)This laboratory
    K10570K37 mini-λ; Tcr6
    K10575K10570(933W); TcrThis laboratory
    K10599K10575 cured of miniThis laboratory
    K10595K37(933WcI-K178N); cI(Ind) mutantThis laboratory
    K9537W3110 ΔlacU169 gal490 λcI857Δ(cro-bioA) sun::cat; CmrD.L. Court
    K9837K9537(λimm933W); CmrThis laboratory
    K9838K9837 pGB2-plac-NH-19B; Cmr SprThis laboratory
    K9835K9680 pGB2-plac-NH-19B; SprThis laboratory
    K10693K37(λimm933WcI-K178N); cI(Ind) mutant; KnrThis laboratory
    K10710K37(λimm933WcI-K178N); cI(Ind) mutant; λ resistant; mutS::Ampr, KnrThis laboratory
    K10717K37(λimm933WcI-K178N, T169I); cI(Ind) ts mutant; KnrThis laboratory
    K10786BL21(DE3) pET-33b(+) (Novagen)+cI; encodes rCI; KnrThis laboratory
    933WcIind933WcI-K178N ind mutantThis laboratory
    λcI857KanrA viable λcI857 carrying a Kanr cassetteRyland Young
    λimm933WHybrid phage of λ with immunity region of 933WThis laboratory
    λimm933Wvirλimm933W virulent mutantThis laboratory
    λimm933WcIind Kanrλimm933WcI-K178N Ind mutantThis laboratory
    λimm933WcIind ts Kanrλimm933WcI-K178N, T168I; induces at 42°CThis laboratory
  • a Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant; Spr, spectinomycin resistant; Tcr, tetracycline resistant; Knr, kanamycin resistant.