Bacterial strains

E. coli strainRelevant characteristicsReference
MG1655E. coli K-12 reference strain1
MS427MG1655 Δflu24
MS528MG1655 Δflu Δfim24
LH56MS427 containing pACYC184This study
LH73MS427 containing pIB264; AAH-AIDAThis study
LH75MS427 containing pLH44; AAH-AIDAThis study
OS45SAR19 containing pLH44; Cfp, AAH-AIDAThis study
OS46SAR20 containing pLH44; Yfp, AAH-AIDAThis study
OS47MS528 containing pOS32This study
OS56MS427 attB::bla-PA1/04/03-gfpmut3b*-T0; GfpThis study
OS68OS56 containing pKKJ128; Gfp, Ag43This study
OS70OS56 containing pACYC184; GfpThis study
OS71OS56 containing pLH44; Gfp, AAH-AIDAThis study
OS82MS427 containing pAR163; DsRed. T3This study
OS84MS427 containing pAR163 and pKKJ128; DsRed.T3, Ag43This study
OS85MS427 containing pOS33; AIDAThis study
OS99OS56 containing pOS33; AIDAThis study
OS101MS427 containing pOS37; AAHThis study
OS130MS427 containing pAR163 and pOS33; DsRed.T3, AIDAThis study
PKL1110MS427 containing pLH44 and pPKL4; AIDA, fimbriaeThis study
SAR19CSH26 attB::bla-PA1/04/03-cfp*-T0; Cfp44
SAR20CSH26 attB::bla-PA1/04/03-yfp*-T0; Yfp44