Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant genotype or phenotypeReference
pAR81cat gene from pTP801 ligated into BamHI-digested pTP809; CmrThis study
pAR90cfp* inserted between SphI and HindIII sites in pJBA2744
pAR94PrrnB, P1 containing SacI-XbaI fragment of pSM1690 inserted into pAR90 digested with SacI and XbaIThis study
pAR163Amplification of dsred2.T3 with primers Dsred2d and UDsRed2.T3 and ligation into Xbal-HindIII-digested pAR94; results in replacement of cfp* with dsred2.T3, controlled by PrrnB, P1This study
pAR176Amplification of PtetA with primers ar047 and ar048 from pRL27 and ligation into SacI-XbaI-digested pSM1690; results in replacement of PrrnB, P1 with PtetAThis study
pAR178Amplification of cat gene with primers ar059 and ar060 from pAR81 and ligation with ClaI-SalI-digested p15A ori-containing fragment from pSM1690 (amplified by PCR with primers ar057 and ar058)This study
pAR179Insertion of PrrnB, P1-RBSII-dsred2.T3-T0 containing NotI cassette from pAR163 into the NotI site of pAR178This study
pDsRed.T3Encodes a rapidly maturating DsRed.T3 variant7
pIB264SphI-ClaI aah-aidA-containing fragment from pIB62
pKKJ128flu gene from E. coli MG1655 in pACYC18423
pLH44aah-aidA genes from pIB264 ligated into SphI-ClaI-digested pACYC184This study
pOS32gfpmut3b* gene from plasmid pAR176 ligated to XbaI-HindIII-digested pAR179; construct has gfpmut3b* gene under transcriptional control of the E. coli rrnB-P1 promoterThis study
pOS33aidA gene from pIB264 PCR amplified with primers 482 and 483 and ligated into EcoRV-SalI-digested pACYC184This study
pOS37aah gene from pIB264 PCR amplified with primers 537 and 541 and ligated into BamH1-XmaIII digested pACYC184This study
pPKL4fim gene cluster from E. coli PC31 in pBR32226
pRL27mini-Tn5 delivery vector; source of PtetA29
pSM1690PrrnB, P1-RBSII-gfpmut3b*-T0-T1 NotI fragment in LOW2; Kmr49
pTP801cat gene in BamHI site of pUC1935
pTP809pBR322 derivative with multiple cloning site introduced between EcoRI and NdeI sites35