Levels of induction of L. plantarum genes in vitro by 0.1% bile and in situ in the duodenum of a mouse model compared to the level in MRS without bile

lp no. (gene)FunctionFold induction ina:
MRS + 0.1% bileDuodenum
lp_0237Integral membrane protein23.7b12.5b
lp_0775 (argG)Argininosuccinate synthase4.3b28.9b
lp_1027 (fusA2)Elongation factorNDc2.5
lp_1898 (pfk)6-PhosphofructokinaseND1.4
  • a The coefficient of variation among replicates (n = 3) was <25%.

  • b The relative expression level of the target gene is significantly different from the level observed in MRS lacking bile according to the pairwise fixed reallocation randomization test (P < 0.05).

  • c ND, not determined.