Species with syntenic GIs, their sizes, Genbank accession numbers, and major attributes of accessory genes

Bacterium (strain/GI)aSize (bp)Accession no.Major attributes of accessory genes
H. ducreyi (35000HP/un)49,075NC_002940Type I antirestriction, cytolethal distending toxin
H. influenzae (1056/ICEHin1056)59,393AJ627386Antibiotic resistance
H. somnus (129PT/un)56,442NZ_AAB002000009Type I antirestriction, virulence protein
H. somnus (2336/un)64,831NZ_AACJ00000000Antibiotic, metal, and antiseptic resistance
Y. enterocolitica (8081/un)65,285NC_003222Type IV secretion, arsenic resistance, hemagglutinin-related protein
S. enterica serovar Typhi (CT18 and TY2/SPI-7)134,000NC_003198Type IV secretion, Uv protection, Vi antigen
P. luminescens (TT01/un)140,163NC_005126Metabolic enzymes, type IV secretion
P. fluorescens (PfO-1/un)70,421NZ_AAAT00000000Biofilm regulators, fimbrial proteins, metabolic enzymes
P. fluorescens (SBW25/un)101,233NC_004507Metabolic enzymes
P. aeruginosa (PA14/PAP1)106,518AY273869Pyocin, type IV secretion, fimbrial protein, two-component signal systems
P. aeruginosa (C/pKLC102)103,532AY257538Type IV secretion, virulence protein
R. metallidurans (CH34/un)>76,893NZ_AAA100000000Degradative enzymes, metabolic enzymes, pathogenesis-related protein
Pseudomonas sp. (B13/c/c)b105,027AJ617740Metabolic enzymes, degradative enzymes
P. aeruginosa (SG17M/PAG1-3)114,632AF440524Plasmid transfer proteins, type I restriction-modification, metabolic enzymes
X. axonopodis (306/un)86,019NC_003919Phage-related proteins, efflux pump, hemolysin
  • a un, unnamed.

  • b The clc element is also present in B. fungorum.