Proteome analysis

StrainProteome methodaTotal protein loaded (mg)No. of proteins identifiedbAvg sequence coverage (%)
FUR21D 5 m/z5.049019.78
2D 1 m/z0.576517.95
2D 2 m/z1.080718.39
1D 5 m/z5.055521.90
WT2D 1 m/z0.561118.13
2D 2 m/z1.067318.20
  • a Three different methods were used to analyze the proteomes of the fur deletion mutant (FUR2) and wild-type S. oneidensis strains: (i) 5 m/z refers to a five-part 1D-LC-MS/MS experiment, which involved five injections with four segmented m/z ranges and one full m/z range; (ii) 1 m/z refers to a single 2D-LC-MS/MS experiment that involved one injection and 11 subsequent salt steps analyzed by MS; (iii) 2 m/z refers to two 2D LC-MS/MS experiments, which included two injections each with 8 subsequent salt steps analyzed by MS over two m/z ranges.

  • b At least one peptide per protein was detected with Xcorrs of at least 1.8 (+1), 2.5 (+2), and 3.5 (+3).

  • c Sum of the numbers of nonredundant proteins identified for both WT and FUR2 samples.

  • d Average sequence coverage per protein detected.

  • e NA, not available.