Expression of P. aeruginosa iron-regulated genes during monoculture and coculture growth in vivo

ORFaGeneHomology or functionaFold regulationb
In vivo vs in vitroCoculture vs monoculture
0471Probable transmembrane sensor7−17
0472Probable sigma-70 factor8−34
0500 bioB Biotin synthase−9NC
0672Hypothetical protein44−44
0707 toxR Transcriptional regulator6−4
1245Hypothetical protein5−3
1300Probable sigma-70 factor35−37
1301Probable transmembrane sensor13−12
2033Hypothetical protein20−23
2034Hypothetical protein20−16
2384Hypothetical protein41−46
2385Probable acylase34−30
2386 pvdA l-Ornithine N5-oxygenase85−74
2389Conserved hypothetical protein9−9
2390Probable ATP-binding/permease fusion ABC transporter7−8
2391Probable outer membrane protein5−7
2392Hypothetical protein18−12
2393Probable dipeptidase precursor53−127
2394Probable aminotransferase57−60
2395Hypothetical protein13−38
2396Hypothetical protein13−7
2397 pvdE Pyoverdine biosynthesis protein44−25
2398 fpvA Ferripyoverdine receptor30−86
2399 pvdD Pyoverdine synthetase40−23
2400Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase94−28
2401Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase94−40
2402Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase46−28
2403Hypothetical protein58−22
2404Hypothetical protein43−39
2405Hypothetical protein43−37
2406Hypothetical protein24−21
2407Probable adhesion protein14−18
2408Probable ATP-binding component of ABC transporter38−11
2411Probable thioesterase84−111
2412Conserved hypothetical protein197−203
2413Probable class III aminotransferase51−136
2424Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase112−53
2425Probable thioesterase44−51
2426 pvdS Sigma factor66−117
2427Hypothetical protein14−8
2451Hypothetical protein9−9
2452Hypothetical protein73−110
2467Probable transmembrane sensor5−8
2468Probable sigma-70 factor6−13
3407 hasAp Heme acquisition protein2,180−724
3408 hasR Heme acquisition protein74−74
3409Probable transmembrane sensor9−7
3410Probable sigma-70 factor14−18
3530Conserved hypothetical protein9−39
3899Probable sigma-70 factor17−26
3900Probable transmembrane sensor7−11
3901 fecA Fe(III) dicitrate transport protein9−10
4158 fepC Ferric enterobactin transport protein13−13
4218Probable transporter40−22
4219Hypothetical protein109−66
4220Hypothetical protein288−48
4221 fptA Fe(III) pyochelin receptor precursor81−92
4222Probable ATP-binding component of ABC transporter34−13
4223Probable ATP-binding component of ABC transporter26−15
4224Hypothetical protein58−34
4225 pchF Pyochelin synthetase52−65
4226 pchE Dihydroaeruginoic acid synthetase53−46
4227 pchR Transcriptional regulator21−76
4228 pchD Pyochelin biosynthesis protein74−66
4229 pchC Pyochelin biosynthesis protein99−163
4230 pchB Salicylate biosynthesis protein126−118
4231 pchA Salicylate biosynthesis isochorismate synthetase122−89
4359Conserved hypothetical protein5−10
4467Hypothetical protein21−10
4468 sodM Superoxide dismutase40−48
4469Hypothetical protein48−53
4470 fumC1 Fumarate hydratase60−106
4471Hypothetical protein100−131
4570Hypothetical protein37−25
4708Hypothetical protein9−6
4709Probable hemin degrading factor9−8
4710Probable outer membrane hemin receptor19−30
4895Probable transmembrane sensor12−13
4896Probable sigma-70 factor14−25
4973 thiC Thiamin biosynthesis protein−14NC
5312Probable aldehyde dehydrogenase6NC
5313Probable pyridoxal-dependent aminotransferase7NC
  • a From the P. aeruginosa genome website, .

  • b Regulation of P. aeruginosa iron-regulated genes (28) as determined by Affymetrix GeneChip analysis. Two conditions were compared: monoculture growth in vivo versus monoculture in vitro growth in glucose minimal medium with added FeSO4 (positive numbers represent induction in vivo); and in vivo coculture growth versus in vivo monoculture growth (positive numbers represent induction during coculture growth). NC, no change.