Classes of in vivo-induced genes

Functional classaNo. activatedbNo. repressedb
Adaptation, protection102
Amino acid biosynthesis and metabolism176
Biosynthesis of cofactors73
Carbon compound catabolism32
Cell wall-LPS10
Central intermediary metabolism41
Chaperones and heat shock protein20
Energy metabolism256
Membrane proteins20
Motility and attachment10
Nucleotide biosynthesis and metabolism10
Protein-secretion-export apparatus40
Putative enzymes152
Related to phage, transposon, plasmid011
Secreted factors20
Transcriptional regulators292
Translation, posttranslational modification, degradation10
Transport of small molecules3218
Two-component regulatory systems30
Hypothetical proteins6519
Unknown (conserved hypothetical)146
  • a Functional classes are from the P. aeruginosa genome website (

  • b Genes that were activated or repressed in the DMC at least fivefold compared to cells grown in vitro in MOPS medium.