Selected genes exhibiting different expression profiles in response to mitomycin C and hydrogen peroxide treatment in Salmonella and E. colia

Gene(s) or operon(s)LT2, mitomycin CLT2, H2O2CT18, H2O2E. coli, mitomycin CE. coli, H2O2c
Amino acid transport and metabolism
    gltI-L, metA-J, smvAbO
    tyrR glpBO
Carbohydrate transport and metabolism
    malGEFKSTZ, manAXYZO
    glgABPSX, nagABDET
Cell envelope and surface structures
    rfbA-Z, rfaA-ZOO
    fimA-Z, safA-D stiA-H, stdABC, stfA-G, stcA-EO/↓O/↓
Cell motility and secretion
    fliA-Z, motAB, cheABRWYZOO
Energy production and conservation
    aceEF, lpdAO/↓O/↓
    adhE, hycABCDEFGHIO/↓O/↑
Global regulatory function and transcription
    rpoN, rhoO/↓
    lrp, arcAOO
Inorganic ion transport and metabolism
    fepABCDEG, fes, fhuABCDEO/↓
    narK, nirCD, nrfDAOO
Lipid metabolism
    invA-J, sipA-D, prgHIJK
    ssaA-V, ssrAB, sseA-GO/↓
Translation ribosome structure and biogenesis
    rplA-Y, rpmA-G, rpsA-V, infABC, tufABOO
  • a Data were compiled from this study and references 12, 19, 20, and 29.

  • b ↑, increased expression compared to untreated control; ↓, decreased expression compared to untreated control; O, no difference compared to untreated control.

  • c Only data published by Zheng et al. (29) are shown.