E. coli strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidGenotypeSource or reference
E. coli strains
    W3110Wild type
    GG161W3110 ΔlacZYA::kan11
    SF1W3110 Φ(zupT-lacZ) ΔlacZYA::kanThis study
    SF4W3110 Φ(zupT-lacZ) ΔznuABC::cat ΔlacZYA::kanThis study
    SF14W3110 Φ(zupT-lacZ) ΔmntH ΔfeoABC ΔentC ΔlacZYA::kanThis study
    GR417W3110 ΔentC::catThis study
    GR460W3110 ΔfeoABC::cat ΔentCThis study
    GR489W3110 ΔmntH::cat ΔfeoABC ΔentCThis study
    GR499W3110 ΔzupT::cat ΔmntH ΔfeoABC ΔentCThis study
    GR507W3110 ΔzupT::cat ΔfeoABC ΔentCThis study
    GR532W3110 ΔzupT::cat ΔmntHThis study
    GR536W3110 ΔfecABCDE::kan ΔzupT::cat ΔmntH ΔentC ΔfeoABCThis study
    GR537W3110 ΔfecABCDE::kan ΔmntH::cat ΔentC ΔfeoABCThis study
    GR538W3110 ΔfecABCDE::kan ΔzupT::cat ΔentC ΔfeoABCThis study
    GR539W3110 ΔfecABCDE::kan ΔentC::cat ΔfeoABCThis study
    ECA281ΔzupT::cat ΔcorAThis study
    pACYC184New England Biolabs
    pZUPT-lowzupT with appr. 300-bp upstream region EcoRI in pACYC184aThis study
    pASK-IBA3IBA GmbH, Göttingen, Germany
    pZUPTzupT from E. coli in pASK-IBA313
    pZITBzitB from E. coli in pASK-IBA311
    pMntHmntH from E. coli in pASK-IBA7This study
    pFEOfeoABC from E. coli in pASK-IBA7This study
    pYIIPyiiP (fieF) from E. coli in pASK-IBA311
    pCZCDczcD from Ralstonia metallidurans CH34 in pASK-IBA52
    pZIP1ZIP1 from Arabidopsis thaliana in pACYC184Natasha Grotz
  • a appr., approximately.