Biofilm production by V. vulnificus 1003 phase variants

StrainAbsorbance at 570 nm (SE)aRelative biofilm productionb
1003(O)0.279 (0.041)1.00
AZ(T)0.140 (0.019)0.51
ABZ1(T)0.163 (0.045)0.58
GMB4(T)0.191 (0.033)0.68
BG(R)4.429 (0.528)15.87
ABZ1(R)5.602 (1.322)20.19
GMB4(R)4.857 (0.421)17.41
  • a Absorbance is the average of triplicate measurements obtained in biofilm tube assays as described in the text. Absorbance values of incubated H1 broth also were measured and subtracted from the experimental sample values to correct for background.

  • b Relative biofilm production is calculated relative to that produced by 1003(O).