Enhanced expression of type 1 pili in E. coli LF82-ΔyfgL isogenic mutant does not modify invasion level

StrainYeast aggregation (titer)aInvasion level (%)b
LF821/8100.00 ± 0.00
LF82-ΔyfgL1/28.31 ± 0.69
LF82-ΔyfgL/pPBI011/89.64 ± 0.44
  • a Yeast cell aggregation was monitored visually, and the titer was recorded as the last dilution giving a positive aggregation reaction.

  • b Percentage of intracellular bacteria relative to that obtained for AIEC strain LF82, which was set at 100%. Each value is the mean ± standard error of the mean of at least four separate experiments.