Comparison of Xanthomonas and pWW0 T4SS components

ProteinXanthomonas chromosomal vir locus: gene no., no. of amino acidsIdentity chromosome vs plasmid (%)dSimilarity chromosome vs plasmid (%)Xanthomonas pXAC64 trw or vir locus: gene no., no. of amino acidsIdentity, pXAC64 vs. pWW0 (%)Similarity, pXAC64 vs pWW0 (%)pWW0 tra or mpf locus: gene name, no. of amino acids
HPaNbXACb0021bg, 1294563orf176, 130
TraK/TraDNXACb0024, 1484259traD, 151
TrwA/TraANXACb0025, 1313053traA, 127
HPNXACb0026, 57N
HPNXACb0027, 90N
HPNXACb0028, 151N
HPNXACb0029, 124N
VirD4/TrwB/TraBXAC2623, 5572039XACb0030, 5246374traB, 516
TrwC/TraCNXACb0031, 9916479traC, 978
HPNXACb0032, 107N
HPNXACb0033, 72N
HPNXACb0034, 140N
HPNXACb0035, 139N
VirB1XAC2617, 2804049XACb0036, 2924660mpfJ, 315
VirB2XAC2616, 1361952XACb0047, 1253255mpfA, 153
VirB3XAC2615, 1032032XACb0046, 994865mpfB, 98
VirB4XAC2614, 8172642XACb0045, 8775874mpfC, 894
VirB5XAC2613, 275(15e)(54e)XACb0044, 2206073mpfD, 229
VirB6XAC2612, 3501856XACb0041, 2884458mpfE, 287
VirB7XAC2622, 139cXACb0042f, 1313450orf199, 130
**XACb0043f, 823854orf200, 70
VirB8XAC2621, 3482540XACb0040, 2243655mpfF, 226
VirB9XAC2620, 2552342XACb0039, 2615573mpfG, 261
VirB10XAC2619, 3892439XACb0038, 4064560mpfH, 421
VirB11XAC2618, 3463451XACb0037, 3404663mpfI, 343
  • a HP, hypothetical protein.

  • b N, no corresponding protein identified in this locus.

  • c —, no significant similarity identified.

  • d All identity and similarity statistics obtained using the BlastP program except for comparisons between Xanthomonas VirB2, VirB6, and VirB5 paralogs, for which ClustalW (24) was used.

  • e Not identified as VirB5 in the X. axonopodis pv. citri genome (18). Statistics from alignment in Fig. 3A.

  • f Not identified as VirB7 in the X. axonopodis pv. citri genome (18).

  • g This gene was not annotated in the X. axonopodis pv. citri genome. See the text.