Vaccination of guinea pigs with WAg533 protects against aerosol challenge with M. bovisa

M. bovis vaccination strainSpleen lesions (mean no. ± SE)M. bovis in spleen (log10 CFU ± SE)M. bovis in lung (log10 CFU ± SE)
None32 ± 8.0A4.97 ± 0.17A4.22 ± 0.25A
BCG0.3 ± 0.33B1.53 ± 0.53B2.36 ± 0.36B
WAg5330.0 ± 0.0B1.00 ± 0.00B2.30 ± 0.44B
  • a Values within the same column with the same superscript letter are not significantly different.