Germination of spores of various strains via the GerB or GerB* receptora

StrainGenotypeRate of spore germination (% of maximum) with:b
PS3636amyE::(PsspB-gerACAla18) gerBB1*716468
PS3637amyE::(PsspB-gerACCys18) gerBB1*809185
PS3656gerBB1* gerBCCys2010410397
PS3657gerBB1* gerBCAla202989
PS3658amyE::(PsspB-gerBCCys20) gerBB1*321627
PS3659amyE::(PsspB-gerBCAla20) gerBB1*785578
PS3662amyE::(PsspB-gerBCCys20) gerA56
PS3663amyE::(PsspB-gerBCAla20) gerA63
PS3692amyE::(PgerA-gerBCCys20) gerA106
PS3693amyE::(PgerA-gerBCAla20) gerA121
PS3694amyE::(PgerA-gerBCCys20) gerBB1*87100121
PS3695amyE::(PgerA-gerBCAla20) gerBB1*8885112
  • a Spores of different strains were germinated with various agents, germination was measured by the release of DPA, and the maximum rates of germination were calculated as described in the text.

  • b Values are the averages of duplicate measurements on three different spore preparations. Individual values differed by ≤35% from the average values. d-ala, d-alanine; d-glu, d-glucose; and l-asn, l-asparagine.

  • c This value was set at 100%.