Salmonella strains and plasmids used for this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference
S. enterica serovar Typhimurium strains
    CS019ATCC 14028s phoN2 zxx::6251Tn10d-Cam (wild type)26
    CS283CS019 pagL1::TnphoA (previously named CS993)2
    JSG421ATCC 14028s pmrA::Tn10d13
    KCS039CS019 pmrA::Tn10dThis work
    KCS040CS019 pmrA::Tn10d pagL1::TnphoAThis work
    CS401CS019 StreprMiller laboratory
    CS586CS019 Strepr ΔpagL39
    KCS042CS019 pmrA::Tn10d StreprThis work
    KCS043CS019 pmrA::Tn10d Strepr ΔpagLThis work
    CS287CS019 pagP1::TnphoA (previously named CS1247)2
    JSG486ATCC 14028s pmrA505 zjd::Tn10d-Cam pmrE1::Tn10d11
    KCS041ATCC 14028s pmrE1::Tn10dThis work
    KCS044CS019 pmrE1::Tn10dThis work
    KCS045CS019 pmrE1::Tn10d pagL1::TnphoAThis work
    JSG485ATCC 14028s pmrA505 zjd::Tn10d-Cam pmrF1::Tn10d11
    KCS048ATCC 14028s pmrF1::Tn10dThis work
    KCS049CS019 pmrF1::Tn10dThis work
    KCS050CS019 pmrF1::Tn10d pagL1::TnphoAThis work
    pWKS30Low-copy-number cloning vector41
    pWKS30-pmrEpWKS30 containing pmrE, including the coding region and flanking 236-bp upstream and 56-bp downstream regionsThis work
    pWKS30-pagL-His6pWKS30 containing pagL, including the coding region for PagL bearing six His residues at the C terminus and the 79-bp upstream regionThis work