Functional categories of genes that are significantly similar to SIO and TP sequence fragments using the BlastX algorithm

Functional category of genesNo. of genes (% of strain total) in strain:
Hypothetical and unknown function75 (35.0)20 (21.1)
Intracellular functions7 (3.3)10 (10.5)
    Cell division10
    Nonribosomal peptide synthase24
    Flagellar biosynthesis10
Mobile DNA15 (7.0)10 (10.5)
    Phage and plasmid encoded65
    Super-integron-related elements20
    Transposases and integrases73
    Retroelement and addiction module02
DNA modification and structure9 (4.2)5 (5.3)
    Restriction-modification systems64
    Helicases, Dam methylase, binding protein31
Metabolism24 (11.2)14 (14.7)
    Mannitol utilization04
    Starch utilization60
    DNA/RNA synthesis and processing20
    Other anabolism/catabolism1610
Transporters/uptake/secretion20 (9.3)5 (5.3)
    ABC transporters40
    PTS permease11
    Iron uptake21
    Other transporters122
EPS/OM/O-antigen/murein biosynthesis16 (7.5)11 (11.6)
    Extracellular polysaccharide synthesis/transport31
    O-antigen and LPS synthesis108
    Murein recycling30
Virulence12 (5.6)5 (5.3)
    Toxins and hemolysins93
    Virulence-associated factors32
Resistance to stress14 (6.5)6 (6.3)
    Heat shock/protein folding11
    Efflux of toxics out of cell33
Regulation and signal transduction17 (7.9)8 (8.4)
    Two-component regulatory systems40
    LysR-like, GGDEF domain, and other regulators107
Archaea3 (1.4)1 (1.1)
Eukarya2 (0.9)0 (0.0)
Total214 (100)95 (100)