Potential S-PM2 inner membrane/thylakoid proteins

ORFPrediction of inner membrane localizationaNo. of trans-membrane domainsSignal peptide cleavage sitesbSize (aa)Comment
7H, S, T, M128-2959
11H, S, T142
12H, S, T, M1134Putative prohibitin
17H, S, T, M268
73H, S, T, M123-2448
98H, S, T118-1976
137H, S1135
149H, S, T1154
161H, T1117
170H, S, T, M2116
171H, S, T1162Putative HLIP
173H, S, T139Putative HLIP
177P, H, S, T, M8359PsbA
180P, H, S, T, M6353PsbD
185H, S, T, M178Member of a conserved family of cyanobacterial proteins
  • a P, PSORT-B prediction score of >7.5 (20); H, HMTOP (67) prediction as a component of PSORT-B; S, SOSUI prediction (30); T, TMHMM prediction (34); M, MaxH prediction score of >0.900.

  • b SignalP 3.0 ( ) prediction.