Real-time PCR-based expression files of gtfB, gtfC, gtfD, and ftf genes

GeneRelative quantity of mRNA (copies/μl)aRatiob
gtfB 1.03E+05 ± 3.00E+044.70E+04 ± 1.00E+041:0.45
gtfC 3.47E+06 ± 9.00E+052.18E+06 ± 8.00E+051:0.63
gtfD 7.52E+05 ± 4.00E+051.19E+06 ± 9.00E+05N/D
ftf 4.61E+05 ± 2.00E+057.52E+05 ± 4.00E+05N/D
  • a Following reverse transcription from 1 μg of total RNA from S. mutans strains UA159 and SAB2, the amounts of gtf and ftf gene cDNA were determined by real-time PCR using SYBR green. The data represent means±standard deviations which were obtained from three different RNA preparation and reverse-transcription reactions. See the text for experimental procedures in detail.

  • b Ratio of UA159 mRNA to SAB2 mRNA. N/D indicates that there was statistically no difference (P < 0.01; Student's t test).