Bacterial strains and expression plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeReference or source
V. cholerae strain
    C6706 str2E1 Tor Inaba SmrLaboratory collection
    KSK262C6706 str2 ΔlacZ311
    GK972KSK262 ΔhapR-lacZThis work
    KSK2226KSK262 hapR+ lacZ::hapR-lacZThis work
    KSK2234KSK2226 ΔhapRThis work
    KSK2316KSK262 ΔhapR-lacZ +18 A to GThis work
    KSK2337KSK262 hapR+ lacZ::hapR-lacZ +18 A to GThis work
    KSK2339C6706 +18 A to G in hapR promoterThis work
Expression plasmids
    pKAS189pMMB66EH hapR13