Gene content of RDs of F. tularensisa

RDGenomic position of deletionb(size in bp)Gene comprised by deletionGenome position of flanking direct repeatsb
RD11c551874-552722 (849)FTT0531, ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein, pseudogene551856-551879
RD161664669-1665013 (345)FTT1598, hypothetical membrane protein1664591-1664721
RD171535418-1535717 (300) aceF, FTT1484, pyruvate dehydrogenase, E2 component1535696-1535923
RD18c928556-930035 (1,480)FTT0918, hypothetical protein928215-928753
FTT0919, hypothetical protein929698-930236
RD19c898418-898956 (539)FTT0890, type IV pili fiber building block protein898901-899020
FTT0889, type IV pili fiber building block protein898363-898482
RD20546921-547446 (526)FTT0524, conserved hypothetical protein546916-546939
RD21124728-125948 (1,221) nupC1, FTT0116, nucleoside permease NUP family protein123791-125005
nupC2, FTT0115, nucleoside permease NUP family protein125009-126233
RD22992350-992819 (470)FTT0980, aminotransferase, class II992250-992349
FTT0981, hypothetical protein992720-992819
  • a Genes comprised by deletion at RD1-RD7 have been described by Broekhuijsen et al. (1). Details of RD1-RD7 have been posted as supplemental material (Table S2).

  • b Position and gene name refer to the genome sequence of F. tularensis subsp. tularensis, strain SCHU S4 (13). Boundaries of repeats were defined by use of a threshold value set at >65% nucleotide identity.

  • c Region of difference independently identified by Samrakandi et al. (21). RD18 and RD19 correspond to L3 and L2, respectively.