Presence or absence of 17 regions of difference in 45 F. tularensis strains

Species and isolate information (no. of isolates)FSC no.Alternative strain designationRDa
Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis (12)
    Human ulcer, 1941, Ohio237SCHU S4+++++++++++++++++
    Human ulcer, 1941, Ohio043SCHU, avirulent++++++++++++++++
    Unknown, 1960, Eigelsbach013FAM standard+++++++++++++++++
    Squirrel, Georgia033SnMF+++++++++++++++++
    Tick, 1935, B. C., Canada041Vavenby+++++++++++++++++
    Hare, Canada042Utter+++++++++++++++++
    Human pleural fluid, 1940, Ohio046Fox Downs+++++++++++++++++
    Rabbit, 1953, Nevada054Nevada 14+++++++++++++++++
    Lab acquired when handling Nevada 14053F. tul AC+++++++++++++++++
    Mite, 1988, Slovakia198SE-219/38+++++++++++++++++
    Mite, 1988, Slovakia199SE-221/38+++++++++++++++++
    Human lymph node, 1920, Utah230ATCC6223+++++++++++++++++
Francisella tularensis subsp. mediasiatica (4)
    Experimental isolate, cap-122(TTC-R)6-4-1++++++++++++++
    Miday gerbil, 1965, Kazakhstan147GIEM 543++++++++++++++
    Ticks, 1982, Central Asia148240++++++++++++++
    Hare, 1965, Central Asia149120++++++++++++++
Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica (from Eurasia and North America) (24)
    Tick, 1941, Montana012425F4G+++++++
    Beaver, 1976, Hamilton, Montana035B423A+++++++
    Human ulcer, 1999, Karlstad, Sweden236+++++++
    Human, Vosges, France247T 20+++++++
    Tick, 1949, Moscow area, Russia257GIEM 503/840+++++++
    Human, 2000, Pyhäjärvi, Finland286+++++++
    Unknown, 1960, Eigelsbach014FAM SR++++++
    Human, 1994, Norway158CCUG 33391++±+++
    Hare, 1974, Nås (W), Sweden074SVA T7++±+++
    Passage in small mammals of FSC074069SVA T7K++++++
    Live vaccine strain, Russia155LVS++++D
    Vaccine strain from Russia338Strain 015++++D
    Water, 1991, Elista, Kalmykiya, Russia11814687++++++D
    Water, 1985, Rostov region, Russia12112267++++++D
    Norwegian rat, 1988, Russia150250++++++D
    Water, 1988, Rostov, Russia15125, A13863++++++D
    Human, 1995, Ockelbo, Sweden178R39/95++++++D
    Tick, 1995, Lanzhot, Czech Republic180T-17++++++D
    Mite, 1988, Slovakia196SE-210/37++++++D
    Human, 1998, Ljusdal, Sweden200++++++D
    Human, 1995, Äänekoski, Finland249++++++D
    Water, 1991, Odessa region, Ukraine11614670++++++T
    Water, 1990, Odessa region, Ukraine12414588++++++T
    Human blood, 1994, Örebro, Sweden157CCUG 33270++++++T
Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica (from Japan) (4)
    Human, 1958, Japan021Tsuchiya++++N+++++
    Human, 1950, Japan022Ebina++++N++++
    Human lymph node, 1926, Japan017S-2++++N++++
    Tick, 1957, Japan075Jama++++N+++D
Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida (1)
    Water, 1950, Utah040ATCC 15482III+++N+N+N+++N++
  • a The symbol + indicates presence and the symbol − indicates absence of a particular region of difference relative SCHU S4. The symbol ± indicates that the strain is heterogeneous at the particular RD. The letters D or T indicate a duplication or triplication, respectively. N, not detected; I, insertion of a unique sequence (1). Regions used in deletion-based phylogenetic analysis were 1c, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and 16. Boldface letters indicate strains subjected to SNV analysis.