Comparison of the V. fischeri ainS and luxO deletion mutants with the constitutively active LuxO(D47E) mutant

PhenotypeValue for V. fischeri strain
Wild typeLuxO(D47E)ainSlitRluxO
Doubling timea48 (7)46 (4)47 (6)51 (6)45 (6)
Growth yielda7.8 (0.7)7.4 (0.1)6.1 (0.3)5.9 (0.1)7.8 (0.5)
Luminescenceb3.2 (0.4)0.6 (0.1)BD0.1 (0.0)3.5 (0.8)
Luminescence with C8-HSLb4.3 (0.9)0.7 (0.1)3.3 (0.3)0.2 (0.1)7.8 (2.0)
Luminescence with 3-oxo-C6-HSLb842 (70)724 (87)2.9 (0.6)659 (168)1036 (73)
Colonization level 12 h postinoculationc100 (17)d52 (10)45 (14)d51 (12)d37 (12)d
Colonization level 72 h postinoculationc100 (11)97 (7)29 (15)eND95 (12)e
  • a Doubling time (minutes) and growth yield (optical density at 600 nm) were determined in SWT medium; the values are averages from three independent experiments, with the standard deviation indicated in parentheses.

  • b Specific luminescence values (10−2 quanta s−1 cell−1) are essentially constant for cultures with an optical density (at 600 nm) between 1.0 and 5.0. The means from several samples from each culture are given, and standard errors of the mean are indicated in parentheses. Cultures were grown in SWT medium or in SWT medium supplemented with 120 nM of either 3-oxo-C6 or C8-HSL. Presented are results from a representative experiment, which was repeated with the same outcome. BD, below detection (i.e., <2 × 10−4 quanta s−1 cell−1).

  • c Colonization levels are the means from two experiments that included 12 animals each, normalized to the percentage of the wild-type level (standard errors are indicated in parentheses). ND, not determined.

  • d These data are also presented in Table 2 and are included here for comparison.

  • e From reference 22.