Comparison of thioredoxin depletion stress with related stresses in B. subtilis

Type of stressa (no. of genes; %)Directionb (no. of genes)No. of responsive ItrxA genes (by concn)c
Diamide (170; 18)Down (64)3821135
Up (106)994413
ROS (94; 26)Down (23)84103
Up (71)76237
Spx (81; 29)Down (49)341283
Up (32)13007
  • a Numbers and percentages indicate the overlap in the results of the studies on diamide stress (38), oxidative stress (ROS) (46), and Spx overproduction (50) and this study.

  • b Down, lowered expression; up, elevated expression in response to the specific stresses (38, 46, 50).

  • c The values 25 and 100 μM correspond to the concentration of IPTG in the medium. Down and up indicate the directionality of the response in the ItrxA array experiments.