Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)aSource or reference
    P. aeruginosa
        PAO1Wild type15
        RM488nirS::tetThis work
        PFM4302fhpR::tetThis work
        PDM2664fhp::FRTThis work
        RN102rpoN::tetThis work
    E. coli
        JM109Host strain for DNA manipulation43
    pUC18Cloning vector, Apr43
    pUC19Cloning vector, Apr43
    pUC119Cloning vector, Apr43
    pBR322Apr Tcr, source of Tc resistance gene (tet)43
    pQF50IncP, lacZ transcriptional fusion vector, Apr Cbr16
    pMMB67EHIncQ, expression vector, Apr Cbr19
    pPS854FRT cassette vector, Apr28
    pPS854tettet on pPS854, Apr TcrThis work
    pFLP2Flp recombinase-expressing plasmid, Apr Cbr28
    pFH56IncP, fhp::lacZ transcriptional fusion, Apr CbrThis work
    pHA531IncP, nirS::lacZ transcriptional fusion, Apr Cbr1, 3
    pHA533IncP, norC::lacZ transcriptional fusion, Apr Cbr1, 3
    pHA1243IncP, nosR::lacZ transcriptional fusion, Apr Cbr4
    pHA1501A 2.7-kb fragment carrying fhp on pUC18This work
    pHA1512fhp on pMMB67EHThis work
    pHA488nirS::tet on pUC119This work
    pFT4302fhpR::tet on pUC19This work
    pDM2664fhp::tet-FRT on pUC18This work
    pRNT102rpoN::tet on pUC18This work
  • a Apr, ampicillin resistant; Cbr, carbenicillin resistant.