Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)aSource or reference
    pZERO-2Cloning vector, MCS in lacZ′, neo, KmrInvitrogen
    p1364-PCATpZERO-2, Δ HP1364::Pcat, Cmr, KmrThis study
    p1365-PCATpZERO-2, HP1365::Pcat, Cmr, KmrThis study
    pASK-IBA3Expression vector, tetR, Ptet, bla, AprIBA
    pIBA3-1365pASK-IBA3 carrying the HP1365 coding sequence under the control of the tet promoter cloned in the BsaI siteThis study
H. pylori strains
    26695wt, containing the entire cag PAI32
    26695-136426695, ΔHP1364::Pcat, CmrThis study
    26695-136526695, ΔHP1365::Pcat, CmrThis study
    G27Clinical isolate41
    G27/HP1364::kmG27, ΔHP1364::km, Kmr5
    G27/HP1365::kmG27, ΔHP1365::km, Kmr5
  • a MCS, multiple cloning site; PAI, pathogenicity island.