Summary of quorum sensing-related genes that were up-regulated in (i) isolate LES400 compared to strain PAO1, (ii) isolate LES431 compared to strain PAO1, and (iii) isolate LES431 compared to isolate LES400

ORFaGene nameLB LES400 ↑ vs PAO1H2O2 LES400 ↑ vs PAO1LB LES431 ↑ vs PAO1H2O2 LES431 ↑ vs PAO1LB LES431 ↑ vs LES400H2O2 LES431 ↑ vs LES400Product description
QS activated
    PA00262.611Hypothetical protein
    PA00503.3Hypothetical protein
    PA0059 osmC 4.66.3Osmotically inducible protein OsmC
    PA0106 coxA 6426Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit 1
    PA010724215.0Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA01221514Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA0143 nuh 1124Nonspecific ribonucleoside hydrolase
    PA01763.1Probable chemotaxis transducer
    PA0355 pfpI 2.8Protease PfpI
    PA03645.44.6Probable oxidoreductase
    PA03664.03.3Probable aldehyde dehydrogenase
    PA0447 gcdH 2.4Glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase
    PA0567169.2Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA05864.38.2Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA05885.26.9Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA0852 cbpD 4455Chitin-binding protein CbpD precursor
    PA0996 pqsA 3.59.316Probable coenzyme A ligase
    PA0997 pqsB to β-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase
    PA0998 pqsC to β-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase
    PA0999 pqsD carrier protein synthase III
    PA1000 pqsE 6.2Quinolone signal response protein
    PA1001 phnA 12.14.6Anthranilate synthase component I
    PA1173 napB 5.6Cytochrome c-type protein NapB precursor
    PA1174 napA 3.54.4Periplasmic nitrate reductase protein NapA
    PA1175 napD 3.05.0NapD protein of periplasmic nitrate reductase
    PA1176 napF 6.4Ferredoxin protein NapF
    PA1177 napE 5.84.4Periplasmic nitrate reductase protein NapE
    PA1247 aprE 7.5Alkaline protease secretion protein AprE
    PA1248 aprF 12Alkaline protease secretion outer membrane protein AprF precursor
    PA1250 aprI 167.5Alkaline proteinase inhibitor AprI
    PA1323116.7Hypothetical protein
    PA13247. protein
    PA140416. protein
    PA1431 rsaL 201465516Regulatory protein RsaL
    PA1432 lasI 21Autoinducer synthesis protein LasI
    PA16563.3Hypothetical protein
    PA16571411Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA16584.424Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA166011Hypothetical protein
    PA166215Probable ClpA/B-type protease
    PA166712Hypothetical protein
    PA17843.63.65.9Hypothetical protein
    PA1869782868Probable acyl carrier protein
    PA1871 lasA 4.95.212LasA protease precursor
    PA18745.3Hypothetical protein
    PA1881313.8Probable oxidoreductase
    PA18915.9Hypothetical protein
    PA18936.2Hypothetical protein
    PA18943.4114.86.1Hypothetical protein
    PA18958.93.8Hypothetical protein
    PA189611Hypothetical protein
    PA18974.21324Hypothetical protein
    PA1901 phzC2 38126Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzC
    PA1902 phzD2 4977Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzD
    PA1903 phzE2 3135Phenazine biosynthesis protein PhzE
    PA1904 phzF2 8691Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA1905 phzG2 2270Probable pyridoxamine 5′-phosphate oxidase
    PA19992.82.6Probable CoA transferase, subunit A
    PA20002.92.8Probable CoA transferase, subunit B
    PA2001 atoB 3.52.5Acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase
    PA20301510Hypothetical protein
    PA20316.210Hypothetical protein
    PA20666.04.4Hypothetical protein
    PA20678.511Probable hydrolase
    PA20682018Probable MFS transporter
    PA20692545Probable carbamoyl transferase
    PA20805.4Hypothetical protein
    PA214333Hypothetical protein
    PA214629131814Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA21574.1Hypothetical protein
    PA2159133.812Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA21655.45.0Probable glycogen synthase
    PA21666.51177.018Hypothetical protein
    PA2171145.412Hypothetical protein
    PA21726.53.2Hypothetical protein
    PA21802.3Hypothetical protein
    PA21901625Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA2193 hcnA 5835Hydrogen cyanide synthase HcnA
    PA2194 hcnB 15111Hydrogen cyanide synthase HcnB
    PA2195 hcnC 1240Hydrogen cyanide synthase HcnC
    PA22744.12.66.7Hypothetical protein
    PA2300 chiC 7.77.0Chitinase
    PA23059.423Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase
    PA23284.3Hypothetical protein
    PA23294.9Probable ATP-binding component of ABC transporter
    PA23302.5Hypothetical protein
    PA23313.6Hypothetical protein
    PA23452.8Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA236532127.3Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA2366137.76.313Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA2367156.2Hypothetical protein
    PA24235.6Hypothetical protein
    PA2433156.92.92.8Hypothetical protein
    PA2512 antA 7.6Anthranilate dioxygenase large subunit
    PA2513 antB 1850Anthranilate dioxygenase small subunit
    PA25522.2Probable acyl-CoA dehydrogenase
    PA25532.7Probable acyl-CoA thiolase
    PA2587 pqsH 5.728Probable FAD-dependent mono-oxygenase
    PA25882622Probable transcriptional regulator
    PA2591 vqsR 6.012Probable transcriptional regulator
    PA25924.35.44.9Probable periplasmic spermidine/putrescine-binding protein
    PA27476.65.4Hypothetical protein
    PA2939147134Probable aminopeptidase
    PA3032 snr1 105.9Cytochrome c Snr1
    PA3104 xcpP 3.7Secretion protein XcpP
    PA31815.43.5102-Keto-3-deoxy-6-phosphogluconate aldolase
    PA3182 pgl
    PA3183 zwf 6.22.911Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase
    PA3326141114Probable Clp family ATP-dependent protease
    PA33275.6Probable nonribosomal peptide synthetase
    PA33286.19.18.1Probable FAD-dependent mono-oxygenase
    PA3329373433Hypothetical protein
    PA3330344655Probable short-chain dehydrogenase
    PA33316.1168.6Cytochrome P450
    PA3332263013Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA3333 fabH2 6.6526.03-Oxoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase III
    PA333420Probable acyl carrier protein
    PA333519Hypothetical protein
    PA33473.1Hypothetical protein
    PA3361 lecB 266.0Fucose-binding lectin PA-IIL
    PA33699.4116.3Hypothetical protein
    PA33705.24.8Hypothetical protein
    PA3418 ldh 104.23.3Leucine dehydrogenase
    PA3476 rhlI 11Autoinducer synthesis protein RhlI
    PA3477 rhlR 6.52.712Transcriptional regulator RhlR
    PA3478 rhlB 129.357Rhamnosyltransferase chain B
    PA3479 rhlA 281646Rhamnosyltransferase chain A
    PA3520389.0Hypothetical protein
    PA35351012Probable serine protease
    PA36884.0Hypothetical protein
    PA3691118.72.98.5Hypothetical protein
    PA36928.26.57.8Probable outer membrane protein precursor
    PA3724 lasB 4134.0597Elastase LasB
    PA38883.42.8Probable permease of ABC transporter
    PA39049.921Hypothetical protein
    PA39069.521Hypothetical protein
    PA39077.424Hypothetical protein
    PA39235.927Hypothetical protein
    PA41173.2Probable bacteriophytochrome
    PA41296.74.1Hypothetical protein
    PA41307.23.8Probable sulfite or nitrite reductase
    PA41316.67.0Probable iron-sulfur protein
    PA41333.92816Cytochrome c oxidase subunit (cbb3 type)
    PA41344.942Hypothetical protein
    PA41396.93.8Hypothetical protein
    PA41416633102Hypothetical protein
    PA41429.65.5Probable secretion protein
    PA41711013Probable protease
    PA4175 prpL 1952Pvds-regulated endoprotease, lysyl class
    PA4205 mexG 458.75.9Hypothetical protein
    PA4206 mexH 116.79.2Probable RND efflux membrane fusion protein precursor
    PA4207 mexI RND efflux transporter
    PA4208 opmD outer membrane protein precursor
    PA4209 phzM 3137Probable phenazine-specific methyltransferase
    PA4210 phzA1 1927Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA4211 phzB1 124525Probable phenazine biosynthesis protein
    PA4217 phzS 5569Flavin-containing mono-oxygenase
    PA42964.18.1Probable two-component response regulator
    PA43069.0Hypothetical protein
    PA4311134.02.9Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA44963.4Probable binding protein component of ABC transporter
    PA44984.6Probable metallopeptidase
    PA4590 pra 2710Protein activator
    PA46481018Hypothetical protein
    PA464919Hypothetical protein
    PA47387.8195.018Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA473913268.118Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA47786.46.6Probable transcriptional regulator
    PA48695.4Hypothetical protein
    PA4876 osmE 8.34.6Osmotically inducible lipoprotein OsmE
    PA48806.18.2Probable bacterioferritin
    PA5058 phaC2 3.14.1Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoic acid) synthase 2
    PA50613.12.9Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA52202621Hypothetical protein
    PA5481388.729Hypothetical protein
    PA5482191229Hypothetical protein
QS repressed
    PA0887 acsA 3.5Acetyl-coenzymeA synthetase
    PA1559154.1Hypothetical protein
    PA2007 maiA 1516Maleylacetoacetate isomerase
    PA2008 fahA 8.16.9Fumarylacetoacetase
    PA2009 hmgA 7.89.5Homogentisate 1,2-dioxygenase
    PA254028Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA30382.32.8Probable porin
    PA32343.64.0Probable sodium:solute symporter
    PA32352.92.95.4Conserved hypothetical protein
    PA32056.72.7Hypothetical protein
  • a These genes have been reported previously as being regulated by quorum sensing (either QS regulated or QS repressed) (43, 51). CoA, coenzyme A; MFS, major facilitator superfamily; FAD, flavin adenine dinucleotide.