Nucleoside hydrolase activity of P. aeruginosa strains and their ability to grow on adenosine and its metabolic products

Strain and genotypeNucleoside hydrolase sp act (nmol min−1 mg protein−1)Growth onb:
PAO1 wild type80.2 ± 20.468.8 ± 17.5+++++++++
PAO6379 nuh1.7 ± 0.51.0 ± 0.2+++++
PAO6330 lasRI17.9 ± 5.818.2 ± 6.4+++++
PAO6395 lasRNDcND++++++
PAO2324 puuDNDND+
  • a Used as the substrate.

  • b Growth on OS minimal medium containing adenosine, inosine, or hypoxanthine as the only C source was scored as follows: +++, good growth of single colonies; ++, growth in primary and secondary streaks; +, faint growth in primary streak; −, absence of growth. For PAO2324 testing, 1 mM methionine was included.

  • c ND, not determined.