SignalP and Pfam analysis of gonococcal iron-regulated conserved hypothetical proteinsa

Pfam familySpecial characteristicN. gonorrhoeae CHP ORF(s)
NAContain a signal peptideNGO0165, NGO0449, NGO0757, NGO0787, NGO0853, NGO0895, NGO1063, NGO1168, NGO1237, NGO1471, NGO1559, NGO1622, NGO1656, NGO1686
PF01551Zinc metallopeptidaseNGO1686
PF01430Molecular chaperoneNGO1189
PF00582Universal stress proteinNGO0959
PF01126Heme oxygenaseNGO1318
PF02498BRO family proteinNGO1652
PF00691OmpA family proteinNGO1559
PF01722BolA family proteinNGO1657
  • a Abbreviations: NA, not applicable; CHP, conserved hypothetical protein.