S. aureus genes up-regulated by ArlR

N315 ORFN315 geneN315 descriptionChange in expression level (n-fold)aagr, sar, rot, or sigB effectb
SA1844agrAResponse regulator−2.8
SA1842agrBAccessory gene regulator B−2.2
SA1843agrCSensor histidine kinase−2.4
SAS066agrDAgrD protein−1.6
SA1248arlRResponse regulator−602.2
SAS065hldDelta-hemolysin−2.2agr +
SA0250lytSTwo-component sensor histidine kinase−3.1rot +
SA0251lytRTwo-component response regulator−2.2
SA0144cap5ACapsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme Cap5A−1.8σB +
SA0147cap5DCapsular polysaccharide synthesis enzyme Cap5D−1.5σB +
SA0211Putative oxidoreductase−2.1
SA0212Hypothetical protein−1.9
SA0220Hypothetical protein−2.8rot +
SA0252lrgAHolin-like protein LrgA−16.5sar +, sigB
SA0253lrgBHolin-like protein LrgB−19.7sar +, sigB
SA0269Hypothetical protein−2.3
SA0270ssaASecretory antigen precursor SsaA−2sigB
SA0271Hypothetical protein−5.9agr +, rot +,
SA0272Hypothetical protein−7.4sigB
SA0275Hypothetical protein−4.2sigB
SA0276Similar to diarrheal toxin−4.4
SA0417Hypothetical protein−2.5
SA0519sdrCSer-Asp-rich fibrinogen-binding protein SdrC−2.3sar +, rot +
SA0520sdrDSer-Asp-rich fibrinogen-binding protein SdrD−3.7
SA0521sdrESer-Asp-rich fibrinogen-binding protein SdrE−2.1
SA0746Staphylococcal nuclease−1.9
SA0893Hypothetical protein−1.9
SA1269Blt-like protein−3.1
SA1270Similar to amino acid pearmease−1.8
SA1271IlvA threonine deaminase−3
SA1272Alanine dehydrogenase−2.4
SA1305Cell-dividion initiation protein−4.9
SA1583rotRepressor of toxin−1.9
SA2222Bicyclomycin-resistant protein TcaB−2
SA2303Hypothetical protein−11.2rot +
SA24862-Oxoglutarate/malate translocator−1.8
  • a Normalized values in the wild-type strain over values in the arlR mutant.

  • b agr and sar effects are as described by Dunman et al. (13), rot effect is as described by Said-Salim et al. (41), and sigB effect is as described by Bischoff et al. (4). +, up-regulated; −, down-regulated.