Real-time RT-PCR analysis of expression of genes regulated by ArlR in different growth phases

N315 ORFN315 geneN315 descriptionChange in expression level (n-fold)a in RT-PCR by phase
Early logMid-logStationary
SA0250lytSTwo-component sensor kinase−4.4−7−6.7
SA1844agrATwo-component response regulator−2.7−2.3−3.9
SA1882kdpDTwo-component sensor kinase−2.613.81.2
SA1993lacFPTS system, lactose specific IIA component6.3413
SA1245bodhA2-Oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1NCNCNC
  • a Normalized values in the arlR mutant over values in the wild-type strain. Negative numbers denote up-regulation in the wild-type strain.

  • b Downstream gene of arlRS. NC, no detectable change.