Proximity of known promoters to RNAP binding sites detected in this study

Sigma factor specificityNo. of promoters in RegulonDBNo. (%) of RNAP sites within 200 bpaNo. (%) of RNAP sites within 500 bpaLog2 mRNA expression of the sigma factorb
σ243212 (38)15 (47)10.9
σ28134 (31)6 (46)8.2
σ322912 (41)14 (48)9.6
σ38624 (6)9 (15)11.9
σ54283 (11)6 (21)12.0
σ70681331 (49)440 (65)10.3
Unknown14339 (27)56 (39)
  • a To avoid counting binding sites due to a nearby σ70 promoter, only those promoters that occurred more than 500 bp away from a known σ70-specific promoter were counted.

  • b The log2 of signal from Affymetrix gene expression arrays of cells grown to log phase in M9 minimal medium plus glucose (from reference 14).