Relationships of different phylogenetic markers to AAI

16S rRNA (small-subunit ribosomal gene)0.84
23S rRNA (large-subunit ribosomal gene)0.84
RecA (DNA strand exchange and recombination protein)0.68
RpoB (RNA polymerase; beta subunit)0.78
GyrB (DNA gyrase subunit B)0.77
IleS (isoleucine tRNA synthetase)0.72
FusA (GTP-binding protein chain elongation factor EF-G)0.69
  • a R 2 is for logarithmic second-order correlation. This correlation gave among the highest R2 values from the types of correlations tested for most genes. It should be mentioned, however, that there were typically very small differences between different models (e.g., linear, power, logarithmic, and sigmoidal) in their abilities to describe the relationship between individual genes and the average of the genomes. Thus, no assumptions can be made about the underlying mechanisms of this relationship.