Fur-regulated genes

GeneaBlattner no.Fold change when RyhB is expressedFur-regulation referenceDescriptionReference and/or source
Wild typefur mutant+ FeSO4
fhuA b0150−4.2+0.9−1.728Outer membrane protein receptor for ferrichrome and colicin M
fhuC b0151−2.0+0.9−1.4ATP-binding component of hydroxymate-dependent iron transport
fhuD b0152−2.1+0.9+0.7Hydroxamate-dependent iron uptake, cytoplasmic membrane
fhuB b0153−2.91.0−1.3Hydroxamate-dependent iron uptake, cytoplasmic membrane
ycdN b b1016−5.5+0.8+0.831Belongs to the FTR1 family (high-affinity iron permease)ExPASy
ycdO b1018−6.5+0.9−3.0Periplasmic or exported protein, similar to Bacillus subtilis ywbM 44, ExPASy
ycdB b1019−1.31.0−1.2Predicted iron-dependent peroxidaseNCBIe
sufE b1679−1.9−1.6−1.135Stimulates SufS
sufS b1680−7.1−1.8−1.3Cysteine desulfurase
sufD b1681−2.4−1.5−8.2Stimulates SufS, stabilizes FhuF protein
sufC b1682−2.3−1.7+0.9Stimulates SufS
sufB b1683−3.2−2.4−1.4Stimulates SufS
sufA b1684−1.4−1.8−2.6Scaffold protein for assembly of iron-sulfur cluster
yojI d b2211−14.5+0.9−3.6Pos. cons.dATP-dependent transport 40
exbD b3005−5.1−1.1−1.68Uptake of enterochelin, forms a complex with tonB
exbB b3006−4.61.0−2.3Uptake of enterochelin, forms a complex with tonB
bfr c b3336−2.4−1.3−3.420Bacterioferrin, iron storage
bfd b3337−1.3−1.1−1.631Bacterioferritin-associated ferredoxin
feoA b3408−2.1−1.1−1.625Ferrous iron transport protein A
feoB b3409−1.2−1.1−3.2Ferrous iron transport protein B
sodA b3908−7.1−1.7−4.011Superoxide dismutase, manganese
fecE b4287−2.8−1.1−4.53ATP-binding component of citrate-dependent iron(III) transport
fecD b4288−3.9−1.1−2.5Citrate-dependent iron transport, membrane-bound protein
fecC b4289−2.8−1.1−2.8Citrate-dependent iron(III) transport protein, cytosolic
fecB b4290−2.5−1.1−2.0Citrate-dependent iron transport, periplasmic protein
fecA b4291−1.6+0.7−1.4Outer membrane receptor; citrate-dependent iron transport
fecR b4292− of iron dicitrate transport
fecI b4293− regulates fec genes for iron dicitrate transport
fhuF b4367−14.31.0−1.245Reduction of ferric iron in ferrioxamine B, binds 2Fe-2S cluster
  • a Individual genes are grouped by lightface or boldface gene names.

  • b Possible frameshift in the sequence; also named b4490.

  • c Although bfr has been described as regulated by RyhB (30), it corresponds more nearly to a Fur-regulated gene in these arrays.

  • d Possible consensus with Fur-binding site (see text).

  • e NCBI, National Center For Biotechnology Information.