Plasmids and B. anthracis strains used in this study

Plasmid or strainRelevant characteristics or genotypeSource or reference
Conjugative plasmids
    pAT18Conjugative plasmid, replicative in B. anthracis, 20 to 50 copies per cell 41
pAT28Conjugative plasmid, replicative in B. anthracis, 20 to 50 copies per cell 40
pAT113Conjugative suicide plasmid used for gene inactivation in B. anthracis 9
p113capApAT113 carrying the inactivated capA geneThis work
p113capBpAT113 carrying the inactivated capB geneThis work
p113capCpAT113 carrying the inactivated capC geneThis work
pDSP20pAT113 carrying the inactivated capD gene 4
p113capEpAT113 carrying the inactivated capE geneThis work
pPPA40pAT18 carrying PpagThis work
pPAGEpPPA40 carrying capEThis work
pPAG55pPPA40 carrying B. subtilis ywtDThis work
pPGSApPPA40 carrying B. subtilis ywtBThis work
pPGSAEpPPA40 carrying B. subtilis ywtB and ywtDThis work
pPGSA1pPPA40 carrying B. licheniformis ywtBThis work
pPGSE1pPPA40 carrying B. licheniformis ywtDThis work
pPGSAE1pPPA40 carrying B. licheniformis ywtB and ywtDThis work
pMini20pAT28 carrying Pcap, capB, capC, capA, capD, and capEThis work
pMini21pAT28 carrying Pcap, capB, capC, and capAThis work
B. anthracis strains
9131pXO1, pXO2 9
RPG1pXO1+ (cya lef), pXO2+ 13
RTC10ΔcapB derivative of RPG1This work
RTC20ΔcapC derivative of RPG1This work
RTC30ΔcapA derivative of RPG1This work
RTC40ΔcapD derivative of RPG1 4
RTC50ΔcapE derivative of RPG1This work