Summary of previously characterized genes that were also identified in this study's bioinformatic screen

GeneORFDomain(s)Best E valueReference
ralFlpg1950Sec7 (ARF GEF)3 × 10−4143
lepAlpg2793Coiled coilsNAa11
lepBlpg2490Coiled coilsNA11
sidAlpg0621Coiled coilsNA36
sidBlpg1642Coiled coilsNA36
sidClpg2511Coiled coilsNA36
sdcAlpg2510Coiled coilsNA36
sidElpg0234Coiled coilsNA36
sdeAlpg2157Coiled coilsNA36
sdeBlpg2156Coiled coilsNA36
sdeClpg2153Coiled coilsNA36
sidFlpg2584Coiled coilsNA36
sidGlpg1355Coiled coilsNA36
sidHlpg2829Coiled coilsNA36
sdhAlpg0376Coiled coilsNA36
sdhBlpg0135Coiled coilsNA36
  • a NA, not available.